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thinking of doing a BUDGET build and dont want to spend on a monitor, I have a CHEAP SD tv with SCART input (English thing) and normal cable-tv/RF antenna cable. I wanted to know if I can use my computer through a basic VGA to SCART/RF cable, onto the TV. Can it work?? Anybody else tried? Please help as will otherwise have to buy crap, cheap monitor. Thanks.
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  1. I'll be frank...the answer is quite simply no. The resolution for an SD tv is simply way too low for a modern computer to output correctly - and even if it did, it'd be incrediblely blurry.

    Let me explain further, the average screen resolution that the consumer has is 1024 x 768, a signal for broadcast on an SD TV is at most 720 x 576, and there is no display option on any modern computer than goes below 800 x 600, and that's at a stretch. This, sadly, is the truth - so that "crap, cheap monitor" is frankly your only option. That being said there are plenty of passable (note: PASSABLE) monitors being sold for less than £100 these days, and of course, there's always ebay.

    If you've such a small budget that you can't build a system without resorting to a SD TV, I suggest just plumping for a cheap and cheerful pre-built system, otherwise its more of a problem than its worth.
  2. Thanks so much!!!

    Thought no one would be able to help and then!!! Thats why I love forums, people always come around to help. I was worried about this being a problem and remember never seeing any settings lower than 800x....

    I think what I'll do is get an old school CRT massive monitor which are going for nothing...

    Thanks anyway dude!!!
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