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Hi everyone,

I bought an ASUS UL50AG laptop with a 320GB hard drive. Everything is well except that the hard drive is very loud. I can hear the disk spinning on the quiet laptop when in a classroom setting.

In the past, I bought a 640GB Samsung Spinpoint laptop hard drive for a netbook that is relatively quiet, except that when it goes to sleep, it makes very loud head-parking clicks (ie. click click click) and when it wakes up, it does the same. It does this every few minutes when the drive is powered up and down by the power management scheme. I couldn't stand the loud clicks, so gave it to my brother. I had a 500GB Hitachi before that does not do that, but that Hitachi is loud compared to the Samsung.

Does anyone know of a high capacity drive that does not click when it does head parking?

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    Try looking into/Googling the Western Digital Scorpio Blue drives.
  2. Thank you. There was a great deal with the 640GB Samsung drive that I bought another one. I will play with the power profile of the drive to prevent it from spinning down (at the expense of a shorter battery life) during classes.

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