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hello all

i already have a thread here checking over my parts list but want to clarify some cooling questions

i would like to know what size radiator i need to cool a stock x6 1090t + a single gtx 480, is a 360 unit enough?
and with a corsair 800D case will i need any extra fans?

**** waiting on shop response if i can get a silver coil from them

this is what i want to use so far for cooling

Water cool
*Reservoir: EK BAY Spin Reservoir - Acetal

*Radiator: HWLabs BlackIce GT Stealth 360 Two-pass Radiator, Black

*VGA Block: EK FC480 GTX Acetal + Nickel - GTX480 Reference Full Cover Waterblock

*Pump Swiftech: MCP655 12V DC Pump (1/2 Fitting), WITH Speed Controller

*CPU Block: ????

*Tubing: Tygon R-3603 Clear

*** case corsair 800D

i am wanting to add at least one more gfx card + block and over clock towards the end of the year so the loop will need to be redone.
at that point should i be looking at another pump and run two loops ?

also im from New Zealand, sourcing parts from

i have looked for other threads but havent found anything specifically for an amd x6 / gtx480 combo ^^

im at (or just over) budget + the inevitable 25% having already upped from a 240 radiator seeing that for an i7 + gpu 360 + is recommended but having listened to the helicopter take of that is gtx 480 under load if more radiator area is needed then more is needed >.>

thank you for your time
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  1. From what I understand about the 800d is that it has 3 140mm fans stock (top,back,bottom). and you can take out the top 140 and put 3x120mm fans (or a 360 rad). meaning you will have to get 3 120mm fans.

    The 480 is a hot card, and running it with an x6 will probably not allow for a substantial overclock of either part. But I'm guessing it will work fine at stock and possibly a small oc.

    I would in the future run two loops one for the GPU's and one for the x6. Probably putting the GPU(s) on the 360, and getting a h50 or a 120mm rad for the x6 alone. possibly even modding the case to fit a 260.

    You don't have to have two pumps to run two loops, though it would be recommended, especially with all the stuff you have in your loops.
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