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it would be awesome to have a pc that has a hard drive that i can switch on and off as i please (internal) is there anyway i can do this? mount a switch onto my pc to control a spare hard drive? ive never herd of it mind you i havent herd of much lol
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  1. Interesting concept. Not possible with PATA, but depending on your controller may be possible with SATA. A cutoff switch on the interface acting similarly to a hot swap might do the trick, although I can't for the life of me comprehend why you would want to do that.
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    This will increase the possibility of operator (you) errors, sometimes with disastrous results. No, you do not want an internal HDD with a power switch. External is another matter. Some green drives have sophisticated energy saving modes of operation specifically designed into them.
  3. yeah i know i can have an external hard drive that has a switch i just thought it would be awesome to be able mount a switch into the pc for it thanks for your time guys
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