I5 750 multiplier @ x17, no turbo boost?

hey guys a while back i changed my ram to 1600mhz from 1333 because my mobo didnt recognize the 1600mhz ram so i enabled the xmp profile in my motherboard as instructed by G skill so that my ram can run at the right timings. however i read around and i saw that the multiplier is suppose to be at x20 for turbo boost to be enabled. mine is at x17. also i looked at the turbo boost function in my motherboard and its set to auto. my other options are to enable or disable. stupid question but would enabling it turn on turbo boost or do i have to set my multiplier at 20? i also have windows xp home sp3. does xp support turbo boost? thanks

i5 750 @ stock settings
gigabyte ga p55 usb3
g skill ripjaws 1600mhz ram ddr3 4gb
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  1. When turbo is on, your stock multiplier is lower because it leaves room for the turbo boost. When you disable turbo mode, you can set your multiplier to the maximal value. Thus you can OC your CPU w/o touching to the voltage...
  2. k3v1n_123 said:
    would enabling it turn on turbo boost or do i have to set my multiplier at 20? i also have windows xp home sp3. does xp support turbo boost? thanks

    Disable C1E, C3/C6/C7 and EIST which are power saving features if you want the multiplier to stay at 20X.

    As for turbo boost on XP, even if it worked, it would be far worse than it does in Windows 7 which is said to be the OS that Turbo boost designed for.
  3. Have the Gigabyte P55-UD4P MB. Installed DDR3 1600 Ram. It also set the Multipier to 17 - Reason, it also rased the Bus Speed. So that is normal. You can verify this by looking at your bus Freq., it's probably at 140, or 160 vs normal 133 MHz. So if you set the multiplier to 20 you will now have an OCed CPU running at 2.8, or 3.2 GHz. Very easly OC - JUST monitor your temps, espeacially if using the stock HSF.

    In my system I just set the Bus Freq to 200. X16 = 3.2 GHz, 19x = 3.8 Ghz. At 3.8 my temps are fine and system is stable. I just run it at 3.2 for normal and bump up if I need the extra Hourse power.
  4. thanks for the responses guys. retiredchief what temps are you getting with the overclocks? i have mine on stock and im getting pretty high temps idling in the high 30s and going up to low 50s when im defragging and running a virus scan. is this normal because i dont want to overclock and see my temps shoot up even higher. i dont know why my temps are so high though. i use arctic silver 5 (just reapplied it because i was using old paste; still the same temps) and i use an after market cooler; the cooler master hyper 212.
  5. Give me a minute, I'm on my older system (E6400 @ 3.2).
    For I5-750 @3.2
    OK, Idle is 33 -> 35. and 55 C For Load using prime 95

    Anything below 60 is NO Problem, Not sure but think your OK into the Mid to upper 60s (max being around 72/74 C). Personaly I try to keep mine below 60.

    Also ambient room temp is a big factor. My air temp blowing across the HSF is 71 F (about 22 C). The airconditioner vent is about 4 ft away from the computer and when it comes on it drives the temp inside the computer down. My room temp on the top of my desk is 77 F.
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