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Hello, I'm having an issue with some new HDDs:

I have a 1.5TB SATA HDD hooked up to the "1" SATA Port (works fine), I have a SATA Optical Drive hooked up to the "2" port (works fine).

I have a second, 250GB SATA HDD hooked up to "3"; this HDD is recognized by my BiOS and my Device Manager through Windows 7 but the Windows "Computer" viewer doesn't show the second 250GB HDD.

I have a third, 160GB IDE HDD hooked up (recognized and viewable), with jumper pins setting it to "Slave", would this have anything to do with it?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Under drive manager check to see if there is an assigned drive letter, if not, assign one. IF the 250GB drive has an unknown partition type on it, that would also have the same effect.
  2. Indeed. Right click on my computer and go manage. From there, go to storage and see if the drive shows. If it does, you may have to turn it into a logical drive so windows can see it.
  3. For the 250 GB SATA HDD connected to SATA_3, is it a brand new empty drive? If it is, you must prepare it for use before Windows can use it. This can be done using Windows' built-in tool Disk Management. If you are not familiar with this, look around here for postings on Partitioning and Formatting a new drive.

    Now, the third disk is a 160 GB IDE device with jumpers set to Slave, you say. Is it the ONLY device on that IDE port and cable? If so, it REALLY should be set to Master. This does NOT make it the Master of your machine - there is no such thing. It only makes it the Master of that one IDE port, and that port NEEDS a Master device to work properly.
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