Which one is better??

I am going to buy a new SATA hard drive for DDR3 processor...so could u please recommend me the better hard drive....which one is better SAMSUNG'S 500GB 7200RPM
or HITACHI'S 500GB 7200RPM ??
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  1. You should post links to the specific drive models you are interested in so we can review the specs.
  2. I agree. Post the links to the drives so we have a better idea of what you are looking at.
  3. DDR3 processor?
    My money is on the spinpoint and the deskstar?
    Spinpoint every time.
    However dont rule out the caviar blue/blacks.

    They all all come in at the same price so have a read around for some reviews :)
  4. here is pretty much what hdds i prefer. top is most preffered.
    1. wd
    2. samsung
    3. toshiba
    500: seagate.maxtor BLEH :( junk
  5. A DDR3 processor eh? Well in THAT case, buy 2 of each and put them in a RAID 5 array. But instead of just ONE operating system, run TWO of them! Have them virtualized so that the Linux VM can access the Windows host's RAID. However, to make windows do RAID 5 you need the server edition...


    You should read this, it's most helpful, just not in comparing the two hard drives mentioned.

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