Ageia Physx Standalone Card Still Good?

I recently bought a Radeon 4870 which i love and is a great card. However as you all know it does not support Physx like Nvidia does because of Nvidia's acquisition of Ageia. Anyway, i was thinking of picking a standalone Physx card if i could find one for cheap on Ebay but didnt know if they are still supported, they have been out for a couple years. So does anyone know if the old Physx cards can still keep up and if they still work? Thanks!
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  1. Dont waste your money, PhysX is a gimmick. See the GTX275 preview here on Tom's for some testing.
  2. The physics card would probably work but if you're running a 64bit opsys it won't. I tried. The physics card is only 32bit compatible from what I've gathered because I tried it on xp64 and vista64. ( I tried the bfg physics driver and nvidias physics soap ) I have 32bit stuff to put together but don't feel like wasting my time with it.
  3. Most ppl that want physx just have 2 nvidia card 1 gaming card and some basic card sometimes their old card or just a cheap on they thru in that can run phyx.

    I wouldn't waste money on that old physx card just for a little better visual effects.
  4. there's really no point in physx right now. don't invest in any related hardware until a standard API is agreed on. anything else is just a waste.
  5. These guys are right as far as the physics card goes but I wouldn't count out physics in games. I turn physics on for gaming.

    Having said that, just for kicks, I have an xfire board that I was running a GTX260 on. I took an old GTS8800 640 card and used it as a physics card and it worked fine on 64bit Vista.
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