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Never came across this before. :/

I recently install xp and my connection was fine till just an hour ago. I been searching bunch of websites and none of them are working so I'm going ask you guys.

I tried repair the wireless connection,
did static ip
about:config ipv6
connect through exthernet
ipconfig/release, ipconfig/renew
scan the computer for virus
none of them are working. It's telling me that it is connected but all I get is connection interrupted when I open firefox and E. It's working fine with every other computer in the house, just not my desktop. I know its not the router and modem problem. It has be something on my computer that is wrong.

I'm using linksys wireless G.
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  1. I think your network is not properly assigning an IP address to your compuer. Or someone or something has assigned that computer an invalid IP address. Mind listing what appears sin your IPv4 properties?
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