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Hello all, I have had this problem for a month, took it even to a computer hardware place, and I am still stumped by my problem. I Know alot of people on these forums are very computer smartt so any help would be gladly appreciated!!

Ok so in December I Download the new nvidia graphic drivers and that is when the problems started to occur. All the sudden my computer would boot up to Scanning for Controller......................................... then just contuines to make periods for about 3 minutes till it gives me a error Warning could not find device! then just stays there, and won't let me boot up into BIOS or anything when it does that. After awhile it finally boots up with weird Hexed symbols all over my boot screen then the graphics when it does boot up are all low resolution, has blue wavy lines across the screen. So I reinstall older Nvidia drivers and it still kept happening till the point I finally wipe everything and start fresh. Then the problems still occur. Sometimes when it did boot up ok but after my computer running for 5 or more minutes, I would click to open programs and they just wouldnt open.

So thinking it has to do with my hard drive I buy a new one, same problem happens, I think its a defective hard drive maybe so get another, same problem. I ran memtest no problems. Checked cpu temp, no problem.

I finally decided before I pull my hair out to take it in to a professional and have it looked at. He said he took everything out and checked out the Ram, MOBO, CPU, and partially the video card. He said he didn't have alot of tests to do on the video card to see if it is defective or not but what he guessed is the video card was dieing since everything else tested fine.

It's a EVGA video card so i'm thinking about just sending it in and getting a new card. Sorry for the long post but does anyone know what might be causing these problems? Only thing I can think of is somehow when i downloaded the new drivers it somehow screwed up my card permanently.

Thanks alot for reading and thanks for any feedback!

Computer Specs:
6gigs of Corsair Ram
Corsair PSU 620W
SeaGate HD
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  1. The problem is in ur video card .
    try cheap video card to know if it work (like this one )
    ASUS Radeon HD 3450 256MB 64-bit GDDR2 ($19.99 after $10.00 Mail-In Rebate)

    remember to uninstall Nv video driver first(in safe mode ) then install Catalyst driver
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