Coolmax 950W Psu, part loose inside!

I just got my new pc parts in and the psu has a part that is pivoting inside of it. I've never seen a psu do that before, and I'm scared to put it into my new pc like this. Anyone see that before? I'm assuming I should just RMA it. Let me know. It's a coolmax 950w cug
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  1. oy...

    That is a disaster waiting to happen...
    Its a totally dangerous and overrated PSU and would RMA it with any signs of problems

    In Jonnygurus test it blew a cap..
  2. Ok, I just talked to coolmax and I'm RMAing great..first time having to RMA a part. I wonder how long I'll be without a pc now.
  3. If you just got the new parts you should rma it to where you got it from for a full refund and get a better quality unit.
  4. +1 what DellUser1 said.

    Contact the vendor and try to exchange the psu for a high quality brand such as Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, or Seasonic.
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