After overclocking GPU FPS slow down

After Overclocking my nVidia GTS 250, the FPS slows down.
But what make me go mad is when i return to the default clocks and the FPS are still down.

Please help Me!! :D
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  1. Could be a drivers issue. What version are you using?

    I found with a few drivers released this year that when I overclock my two GTX260's I too lose FPS. I currently get best results in ALL games with stock settings. If I overclock with my current drivers most of my games perform really well, but my fav two (Crysis and GTA4) actually lose 5 or so FPS.

    The reason I don't change my drivers is because my current version allows PERFECT SLI performance in GTA4 where as most cause shadow errors and horrid jerking.
  2. I'm using the latest driver. 344.48 Nvidia Driver. Forgot to tell you that I reverted to the default OC settings.
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