Windows error recovery keeps coming up, and OS will not start

Hello guys, here's my problem

Every time I start my computer, it comes up in windows error recovery giving me the options to Start windows normally or Use the last known configuration settings but each time I pick either one, it then restarts and does the same thing all over again, giving me the same options. If I choose start using safe mode it starts to load to a certain point and then starts over back in windows error recovery again...

I think this is a hardware problem but I'm not sure with what or if it even is hardware related for that matter, so I'm quite baffled.?

Could it be my RAM or HD?

Please help me with this guys, I'd be really greatful!
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  1. I would try a SCANDISK/Disk Error Check on you hard drive
  2. Well I have no clue what the problem was but it wasn't hardware related because after I re-installed the OS everything worked fine. It was a very weird issue though.

    Even though fixed or surpassed the problem ultimately with the OS installation, I'm still curious as to what caused this so if anyone has any clue please don't hesitate to add to the answer!
  3. I don't think it was a physical issue with the hard drive but and issue with the file allocation info on the hard drive (it could not find a file).

    the other possibility could be a registry problem
  4. HELP! I'm having the exact same problem! I've read online that people have re-installed windows and it helped. But someone told me that it removes everything on the c: drive. I only have a c: drive! I can't lose all my stuff!! i'm so frustrated!
  5. :bounce: Hi Sindai

    I had that problem a while back and I had to reinstall the os. However, I could not recover or save anything. If you can save your files on an external hard drive or disc, do so before re formatting your hard drive. This will save you a lot of heartaches and headaches. :D
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