To Go With External HDD or NAS?

Hi Guys,

Here's the deal... the wife and I use a Laptop and a PC, with the laptop traveling around the main level of our house and our PC upstairs with the printer, scanner, etc. It's an old PC which needs to be rebuilt, but that's not the focus, here. The issue at hand is simply that we're running out of storage. With all the music and video files we are piling up the hard drive on the laptop is full and the hard drive on the PC upstairs is getting there. Also, the PC upstairs is not always on - really we only have that on when we're using it for scanning, printing, video editing, etc.

We have moved our entire music library upstairs because we needed the space on the laptop - this means any time we want to manage music for iPods, etc, we have to make sure that PC is running to have access to the files. (And this is fairly annoying).

The initial thought was, of course, to go with an external HDD that we could throw all of our media onto. However, the annoyance of having to make sure that was plugged in, powered on and connected to either the PC or the Laptop would still be present.

So now I'm wondering about going with NAS - only I don't know much about the value of upgrading to that more expensive option. I'm looking for opinions related to my issue and also for any good pros and cons people know of that would be relevant.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Looks like the NAS system would be the logical progression for you. Everyone on the network can access it. 2TB can store a lot of music/videos. Should you decide on NAS in a RAID configuration, go with RAID1 (mirroring), not RAID0 (striping). In RAID0, if you lose 1 disk, you lose everything.

    In RAID1 you can use two 2 TB disks and this will give you 2 TB storage, not 4 TB.
  2. What kind of power does a two drive RAID NAS use? Is it better to go that route or better to leave the PC on upstairs and run it like a server using RAID 1?
  3. With 2 drives, less than 50 Watts.

    RAID1 is mirroring, and will provide very good security for your data. Read up on the link I provided -
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