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I'm assembling my system right now and I have a 56k modem:

I needed it for when I come back home from college and my parents don't have access to high speed.

Anyway, the card has 2 spacers in it ( 88888 888888888888 8888) and I don't know where to put it. Is it fine to put it in a normal PCI slot that has one spacer(8888888888888 8888)?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but this is my first time building. Everything else has gone well.
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  1. Yep, its still a pci card. I think that space is if you want to try it in a pcix1 slot
  2. Yes it's fine.
  3. The keys indicate that the modem can be installed in a PCI 5V (PCI 1.x) or a PCI 3.3V (PCI 2.x) slot.
  4. Sweet thanks for the answers!!

    How about a Universal PCIe x 16_3 slot? After you guys answered I realized that if I put the modem in the first PCI slot it would block a fan connector, and if I put it in the second PCI slot if would be right in the smack middle of my graphics card fan.

    The Universal slot is all the way at the bottom and would be a good fit. However, if not then its ok. I can just use a Molex adapter for my case fan and plug it into the PSU, and free up the first PCI slot.

    Sorry again for the newb questions!

  5. Any word on that Universal PCI slot?

    I have everything all ready and willing. Just wanted to see if I can use that Universal slot for the modem.... If not, I'll just use the first and use molex adapter for fan!
  6. You refer to a universal PCIe x16 and a universal PCI slot. What motherboard and what slot? If that was your question, you definitely can't install a PCI device in a PCIe slot. They are totally different and not compatible at all.
  7. Yeah its a PCIe slot, I missed the e on the second post. It was a dumb question anyway... its for another VGA card. I just moved the fan cable and put the modem in the first PCI slot.

    Thanks for all the help guys.
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