Help my screen displays nothing

hey i have been having a problem with my pc. i built a new pc with a pentium q6600, 650 w psu, and a PNY 9600 gso 768 mb gddr3 vid card, 4 gb crucial ddr2, and a asus p5q mobo. first time i turned it on it was working fine then the next time i was gonna use it once i turned it on all the fans were working even the one on the video card but it was not displaying anything so i turned it off unplugged everything still nothing, after 3 tries it finally worked so i thought i was in the clear but i was wrong the next day same thing happend again i have updated all my drivers and bios. weird thing is when i used my old vid card i did not get any trouble. HELP PLEASE! thanks
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  1. what happens if you just hit the reset switch, and dont turn it of ?
  2. sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. thanks!
  3. If I were you I would:
    1. Test the GFX card on another PC.
    2. Download Memtest and test my ram.
    3. Update my mobo bios.
  4. ok ill try that
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