Unexpected Shutdown - Event ID 6008

Can someone direct me to a good site/forum that would help me translate my Event ID logged for unexpected system shutdowns? I've been having them intermittently. I do not believe it is hardware related (i.e. overclocking) as I've stablized this machine quite extensively. Nor do I suspect a virus/trojan as I have updated NIS 2011, updated hourly, aggressive scans, etc. and really just don't surf to anything more dangerous than this site or CNN.

I suspect it's a driver problem but can't decipher the hexcode attached with the error.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Most sites related to this error say that the issue is hardware related..

    Do you have fan speed setup?
    Are you monitoring the system performance/recording performance in the background?
    What are your temps?

    Drivers don't usually damage a PC so bad that they shutdown the system, I would say its hardware related... but that's just me.
  2. My temps are at 38 degrees across the board - all 4 cores. My fans are all on max-except the CPU fan - that's a loop watercooler - on max.
  3. That's pretty cool, umm.. I would run a memtest, could have a failing sector on the Hdd, check the event manager perhaps too.
  4. CombatWombat...

    1. I have run memtests/stress tests until for 48hrs straight - all iterations of Prime95 and OCCT - all good.
    2. Failing sector on an HDD would cause the system to shut down? I guess I can set the disks to completely scan for bad sectors in the down time.
    3. I have checked the Event Manager that is where I found the code that I would like to decipher.
  5. I would suspect the video driver, does this happen mostly when system is idling and screen saver/screen off is active?
  6. Yes, in fact, it does. I have my screens to go off after 15 mins but last night changed that to never turn off so I could see whatever error might cause the shutdown.

    And nothing happened.

    I'm using two GTX 570s - SLI - over three monitors.

    What would make that happen?
  7. Driver not recovering from power save mode correctly, check for a newer driver.

    What model of PSU do you have and its age, may not be giving out enough juice when cards neeed to wake up.
  8. 1200 Watts - Corsair - about 5 months old.
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