Confused with XFX 8800GTS

Hi im new to the forums and figured this was the best place to ask my question. My set as follows, nothing special.

Intel Q9550
Intel MotherBoard
2gig of Curcial 800mhz Dual Channel Ram
550w ultra PS
Ulra Aluminum Case
2 dvd drives
WD 500gig HD 32mb Cach
Creative Lab audigy card
Vista Ultimate
and my 8600gt (which is starting to fail)

My question is I really only play World Of Warcraft main and i gave myself a $100 Total Budget so I went to Ebay and found myself a
XFX 8800GTS Alpha Dog edition (G80 old school) 640MB
and i think it came with the 112sp instead on the 96 i think but im not sure..

a few quotes from Pureoverclock:
As the site note, the current 8800 GTS boards on the market with 112 shader processors are the:
- EVGA 8800GTS 640MB SSC Edition
- XFX 8800GTS 640MB Alpha Dog
- BFG 8800GTS 640MB Extreme Edition

" On the other hand this new 112 Stream Processor equipped GTS is able in most cases to manhandle the stock 8800GT at higher resolutions and in games with larger textures or more detail. Another unfortunate occurrence is the complete lack of 8800GT cards on the market today; there are long backorder lists at popular retailers and consumers may be looking for an alternative. If you are willing to pay the extra $75 (or thereabouts) for the 8800GTS with 112 Stream Processors, you will not regret your decision."

THx for all your Help....

Link to Regular 8800GTS :

I know they had the regular XFX 8800GTS anyone know exacly which card I have?

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  1. So what exactly is your question?
  2. Which Version Of the 8800gts i have and is there a between the Regular one and Alpha Dog edition..
  3. Plug it in and run GPU-Z
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