Am I on the right track with my q6600?

I have had this system for about 2 years and not touched a thing on it. In the late 90s I overclocked everything I owned, now I usually just buy fast enough to make me happy. But now that I have a child, money is tighter, so I decided to oc my system.
I have:
q6600 g0 stepping vid of 1.3125
Gigabyte ga-ep35-ds3l
4gb ram, 2 are PDP Systems 6400, 1 is micron 5200 and one is micron 5300
radeon hd 4850

I recently bought a Thermaltake V1 LED from best Buy for $22 (on clearance)

Today I upped the BUS to 333, giving me 3ghz on the processor. I have had it this way all day, no crashes, and am monitoring it with CPUZ, Core Temp and Easy Tune 6.
With Prime95 doing a torture test I am seeing core temps of no higher than 52C.

CPUZ shows current voltage at 1.200, Easy Tune says 1.22, and I have it set to 1.281 on easytune. Room temp is about 26-27 C.

Does this look good to you all?
Anything I should look out for?
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  1. nothing at all nice voltage
  2. THanks!

    oh yeah and i idle as low as 33 C.

    Is CPUZ considered to be extremely accurate as far as the voltage?
    I see that the voltage does fluctuate some, right now it shows 2.32V and 2.5V
  3. Not bad temps for such a high VID.

    Most q6600's will run at 3.0 GHz without increasing vcore. That means that core temps won't go up much.

    Now, remember. If the CPU is loafing along, SpeedStep drops the multiplier to 6. That also helps the temps.
  4. i have actually lowered the voltage. Easytune 6 shows me having it set to 1.300v yet the various hardware monitors shows core voltage of 1.26.
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