Help, I don't know what the problem is!

I have been having a very bazare problem with my pc,
so here goes:

Hello, I had been running this setup for a month after upgrading due to the pc not working.
Now I took the motherboard into the shop I purchased it from as I have been having problems.
They tested it with their own cpu and ram. I have taken it to them several times.
They said it was fine...

So I took the motherboard home.
I put my own amd x2 7750 and 2gb of ram, gtx 260, my 250gb sata hdd, 2 dvd drives, usb ports,
onboard audio and the front panel connectors and fan as well as spdif.

It worked first go, so I turned it off after about 1 hour of use.
I turn it on later and nothing.

I take everything off except cpu and ram and 24 pin motherboard connector and 4 pin atx plug (the one
near the cpu).

Still nothing.

So I get my original processor that the board originally stopped working with and put it on the board.
The board works first go.

It seems as if the board builds up a negativity with a processor, so when you change it.
It will work, as it did for the shop.

So I will see if the original processor (the one that originally stopped working) stops working like
the new one.

Thanks for your time.

P.S. I have tested this with 3 different power supplies, different ram and that is all is being used on the board
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  1. what model mobo u have u might need to update your bios
    could be your power supply what model power supply do u have
  2. Thanks for the quick reply!

    the problem happened with the original bios revision.
    And when I took the board to the shop,
    they flashed the bios to the latest revision.

    The power supply is a 650w huntkey titan.

    Here is some more info:

    The bios I am currently using is the most recent one.
    I was using the original bios that came with the board when the original problem started. And when I took the board into the shop it was flashed to the most recent bios while in the shop.

    The board is a gigabyte m78-sm-s2h.
    The processors:
    x2 6000
    and x2 7750.
    The power supply, huntkey titan 650w.
    And I have tested it with 2 other power supplies that I know work.
    And same for the ram.

    The x2 6000 stopped working randomly after I upgraded the graphics card (zotac gtx 260 (216 core) and power supply (huntkey titan 650w) (I had used the new upgrades for about 1 month though after upgrading).

    x2 6000 stops working with the board

    Then the x2 7750 was used for a little while,
    then does same thing as x2 6000.

    Now x2 6000 works and x2 7750 stopped working.

    Sorry for long reply, I just wanted to make post more clear.
  3. Originally I did,
    they said it wasn't the problem,
    they said it must be something else.

    And I have only had ram, cpu, power supply and board running (and a speaker).

    I changed the ram with ram I know works, still same problem, changed power supplies (in total I used 3 different working ones, so that rules out that problem, I even did them on different house circuits that have other working computers...).

    The cpu that originally stopped working, now works and the newer, working cpu has stopped working. The only thing I can't test is the board, as I only have another am2 not am2+ board.

    But the x2 6000 (the one that originally stopped working) worked on the other am2 board, but not my one, now it does and the x2 7750 doesn't!

    And i tested this on a non static sleeve outside the case.
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