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So I believed that I had found out that my E7400's max OC was 3.6GHz, 360x10, at what was supposedly 1.325v. But, when I look at the BIOS's PC Health Status menu, it shows the voltage at 1.3v, as does CPU-Z. Does anyone know what issue this and how to solve it? Oh, and the motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L. Thanks.
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  1. Google "vdroop" and it will all be explained.
  2. Awesome. So I just disable Vdroop and my voltage will work? Or do I have to adjust my voltage so Vdroop puts it at the voltage I actually want?
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    Vdroop is a specification by Intel for their processors, it's designed to be there and adhered to by most MB manufacturers. Whether or not you have an option in your Bios to alter this specification and whether or not you use it is completely up to you. There are pros and cons with and without vdroop and after a little research you will be able to determine if you want to access any vdroop affecting options in your Bios if you have any.
  4. Thanks man, I really appreciate it. You cleared everything right up for me.
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