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got an issue with an older PC.. it has an ATI Radeon 9800 PRO 128MB card and a 420W Thermaltake PSU. it's roughly 8 years old this setup.. all of a sudden it's showing green/red artifacts on the screen. so I cleaned out the whole system of dust (using compressed air etc..) and took out the Radeon reseated it, even plugged new 4 PIN connector into the Radeon etc.. worked fine for 2 more hrs or so with games (HL2, Painkiller, NFS MW etc..).

now question without me buying the parts and returning them.. and get charged re-stocking fees for opening packages.. what is the issue PSU or video card? can someone be 100% sure its one or the other?
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  1. Well you did what I would've suggested, and you reseated it which is good. It could be PSU or Video card. But most likely its the video card.

    I had the same problem with my 9800 XT, but all I had to do was alt tab out of the game and back in and the artifacts would go away...mostly in half life. Though i think the problem in your case is either overclocking, or overheating....but it could just as well be one of those enjoy the last bit with your card before it dies:)

    do you have the program called ati tool?
  2. the system has been overclocked for 8 years.. and its run all these games like butter forever. i just had reformatted the computer and installed everything fresh. the ATI drivers im using are 7.4 (older ones) which I find have always worked great on my system.

    i dont have ATI Tool .. at least i dont think. the card itself is not overlocked. only the CPU (running at 2.0GHz .. it's an AMD 1800XP single core).

    so you think the card over the PSU?
  3. I would say there is a really good chance that the card has played (or is playing) its last games. I mean my X800 XL would do that, until I could only put with dos....soon after nothing:)
  4. ok and what do you think is a good "upgrade" or same level (nothing lower) then the 9800 PRO 128MB AGP .. to play these games like the Readon did.

    2 cards that seem to be under $80 CDN .. are X1650 Radeon 512MB or the Radeon HD2600 PRO 512MB.. both seem to have higher clock and memory speeds and both have 3.0 sharder model .. i assume both would be an upgrade to the 9800 PRO right? and should have no issues running on the Thermaltake 420W PSU?
  5. I would say something to give you justice for the 80$ would be the 2600 pro. But I'm really not as familiar with these cards. I skipped both when upgrading :P

    I would do a quick search on google. I would think they are good, they should be better than the 9800 pro, but double check:)
  6. cool thanks.. ya i put a 2600 pro in a system i built a while ago and it was solid.
  7. K glad I could help:)
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