Xfx radeon hd 4850 and dvi to hdmi question

i just put together a new rig last night and i chose the xfx 4850 for the gpu and i was wondering something. my other gaming pc which has dual gtx 260 uses dvi to hdmi for my hdtv and to get sound i had to connect a sp/dif cable to the mobo and gpu, do i have to do that with the 4850 to get sound to the tv? i didnt see any sp/dif connector on the card. i think read somewhere i while ago the ati cards automatically do sound without any extra work meaning not extra cables or anything so if someone could confirm that i dont need to do anything else and that i just hook up the dvi to hdmi and have sound that would be great and thanks in advance.
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  1. Go to speaker settings and change the audio device to ATi HDMI Audio.

  2. ok well mine says not plugged in. so do i need to download something or do i have to have a s/pdif cable?
  3. well i dont use a reciever, i have a evga dvi to hdmi adapter. so i need a different adapter? last week i had the dvi to hdmi adapter on my other pc which has dual gtx 260 and i had sound but nvidia cards require the s/pdif cable. do ati cards need that too and would that adapter work with the 4850? or do i need to buy a special dvi to hdmi adapter?
  4. those links work but then it says error 403 or something like that?
  5. I'm having the exact same problem.. I got my HDMI Cable today and the DVI to HDMI converter.. I get Video.. but no Audio.. I installed the latest Catalyst Drivers along with the ATI HDMI Realtek Audio Driver on Windows Vista 64bit.. and it says its not plugged in..

    Whats the deal?
  6. Have you tried another DVI port?
    I'm using MSI HD4850.. and i've no problem in getting sound via HDMI..
    I connect the HDMI cable directly to HDMI port in T.V. Sound output through T.V speakers..
  7. heya.. thanks.. i've tried that.. and I've called into ATI Tech Support and they have escalated the problem up to the engineers.. It seems that some receivers don't send a signal through the hdmi port recognizing itself as a HDMI Device rather than a DVI device.. Its a driver related issue they say.. they asked me to submit a belarc report so they can fix the problem..

    I'll see what happens in their next update..
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