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Now whenever my computer freezes, the system won't post afterwards, I have to short out the CMOS jumpers to get it posting again, then I have to reset all of the bios settings.

Is this a sign of the motherboard bad, or just the CMOS battery is going bad?
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  1. It means your BIOS settings are unstable which causes the freezes. Leave everything on BIOS settings on auto or stock and see if that helps.

    Are you overclocking the CPU or RAM?
  2. CPU yes, ram no. The computer did encounter freezes frequently before whether overclocked or not, which is probably caused by bad software. However, all I needed to do is to restart the thing. but now I have to reset the CMOS for it to post again. I did overclock the FSB by 50 percent, but OCCT stress tested the processor AND ram as stable for 8 hours (that's how long the test was set to). The temperatures are all good, cpu is 25 idle 42 load.
  3. Maybe bad ram? Run Memtest.
  4. The freezing is not the problem, because many others on the internet reported freezes with the programs that I'm using. The not being able to post after a freeze until CMOS is cleared is the problem.


    This guy used the same Gigabyte board, with the same FSB as I'm using now (400mhz) and his seems ok.
  5. My motherboard temperature is at 42C, is that too high?
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