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I have a computer that has an AGP 8X 256MB NVidia GeForce 6200 video card. I would like to have dual display, and as much as my video card can handle it, I am fraid of it overheating as I have opted for a video card without a cooling fan.

After doing some research, I read that with a "compatible" PCI card, it is highly achievable. I have also asked a friend who had done it, and he said he had done it successfully with two NVidia MX4400 video cards.

The question I have, do I have to go with a PCI Geforce 6200 card for it to work, or can I work with something else? I know that a GeForce 8300 runs on DirectX 10, while a 6200 on DirectX9, that among one of the differences, would it cause an issue?

All inputs greatly appreciated.
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  1. Is there a second output on your 6200? If so you can just plug in another monitor.
  2. If u have vista at what i know ,will not allow u to install two different video cards .
    win xp are ok with that .
    anyway i suggest to install another GF 6200 in PCI slot (Like this )
    EVGA GeForce 6200 256MB 64-bit GDDR2 $49.99
    so will not have compatibility issue .
    my second suggestion is replace your old AGP card with one have Dual Disply ability with small different n Price .
    ASUS Radeon HD 3450 256MB 64-bit GDDR2 $44.99
    that's has two video output (1VGA 1DVI )and AV-S-video output
  3. ouch k post before me is a little :S No computer will run two different video cards. It will run two of the same.. But thats not necessary. and also in post before most mobo's that run agp wil not have two agp slots. Wut i would do is spend the extra 100-200 bucks and buy a motherboard with even just 1 pci express 2.0 slot. That way ur a tad bit futureproofed although with computers ur like never future proof.. Buy a lower end ati card. i find that dual monitors works on a single ati card over a single nvidia card. Now im sorry if this is already breaking ur budget.. but this is a good midrange card nuthing to fancy but good for dual monitors Now if im not breaking ur wallet.. and ur telling me to go fullout then this is wut u want haha and sorry but if all else fails ur prolly okay with ur agp system.
  4. @matm1234
    he just need connect two monitor to his PC .not Build a super computer .
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