How do I get sound drivers for my Dell Dimension 5150

Hi all,
Would really appreciate some help with this. I had to get a new hardrive as mine was completely ruined and the pc would not work anymore. And since getting a new hardrive I've had no sound working. It won't work on windows Media Player or iTunes. My computer is a Dell Dimension 5150 and I'd really like it if someone could tell me how I can overcome this problem as quickly & as easily as possible.
Oh & yes the speakers are plugged in!
Many thanks :)
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  1. Whats your mobo? Once we know that, we can figure out what onboard sound device you have, and can point you to the relevent drivers.
  2. If this is a new unit why don't you call tech support?
  3. Have you tried installing the driver for your sound card? A link to the specific audio drivers for a Dimension 5150 is below.
  4. I imagine the PC doesn't have a sound card. But the site listed by jeff75 should give the correct drivers. You simply need to choose the appropriate options from the drop down menus.
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