Best way to OC AMD BE processor with new ddr3 ram?

So I have a phenom 965 be and I just made the switch to ddr3 1600 cl8 8-8-8-24. I want to get optimal performance from both my memory and processor. My question is should I OC my proc using the multiplier or the FSB? I heard to get best performance there has to be a balance between processor FSB and memory frequencies. So which delivers best performance? I figured the multi would be just fine but was wondering if there was any benefit to using the FSB. Thanks in aadvance.
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  1. You have a black edition, so my first thoughts would be just increase the multiplier. I've never sat and tweaked over and over to get the most out of my RAM as it's a pretty quick and easy job just to whack up the multiplier and keep your RAM at stock speeds.. afterall, 1600MHz RAM is pretty fudging fast anyway!

    I'm sure someone else will comment soon that actually has some more information about how to get the *best* out of your system.
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    If you have time try how far you can overclock on just the multiplier then just the frequency then a bit of both until you find the best balance. I found my 4 core unlocked 550BE works best overclock mainly on the multiplier and just 3mhz extra on the frequency.
  3. ok thanks guys the reason I was wondering is just that I didnt know if there was some type of balance that needed to be attained by raising the FSB when you have memory that is running at such a high speed. I can hit about 4.2 ghz stable with the 965 I may be able to go higher but I would need a big jump in voltage actually more than I am comfortable with. Plus there is really no reason to go above that as this cpu is so fast anyway I dont even need to OC. lol.
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