Which brand of GTX 285 should I get?

I had a msi, but I had drivers issues with it causing system instability and their tech support was worthless. Whats a good GTX 285 that will overclock well, good tech support, and a lifetime warranty?
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  1. xfx or evga :D
  2. I can say that without doubt, EVGA will beat all with the customer service and lifetime warranties. I try not to be partial. I price everyone but in the end, even if I have to pay a few extra bucks for EVGA, it is totally worth it. On top of that, they have a step-up program whereas, if a newer model comes out and you want to upgrade, you can do that by just paying the difference between the new and the old. I believe it lasts for 90 days.

    Okay, maybe I am partial but it comes with years of experience with bad companies and poor customer service. Now I have the best of both worlds. Cutting edge products with outstanding service. Need I say more? :)
  3. Umm...bfg.

    What are you guys smoking? lol

    EVGA xfx or BFG are all Amazing companies.

    EVGA and BFG are basically the same except BFG gives you 10 extra days to do your trade up.

    XFX allows Cooler modification.

    I dunno how BFG could be missed seeing as they usually have the most rebates and the most number of days.
    I place all my bets on BFG with out seconding guessing. Though if I wanted to move onto water cooling or if I was sure I wouldn't do the trade up my next bet would be XFX, since I could do almost anything to the card other than throwing it against the wall:)

    1 BFG
    2 XFX

    for me...but it depends what your looking for. I had 3 EVGA cards, and I was talking to the ppl for the trade up, and they kept sending me to customer serivce, back to tech support, and back to customer serivce before I just gave up and took em back to BB:D:)
  4. EVGA!! if somethings wrong with your card and you have to rma they have an adv program where they sent you new card before you sent in yours. So you'll be gaming much sooner since they dont first test the cards.
  5. Thats for most companies, same with BFG, but the card needs to be in stock in order for that to work. Most of the time they say that you need to send it in;).


    In all honesty this is who ever is the cheapest manufacturer case.

    They all offer the same thing, between evga and bfg. Xfx is another case, but still an amazing company....puts your mind at ease that they will take the card in even after you tampered with the cooler. Which means you can legally change the thermal past.
  6. go for the one that has a big red sticker with ATI on it
  7. BFG, XFX, EVGA.
    Go to each web site and access their forum to get an idea of what kind of support you might get.
  8. rangers said:
    go for the one that has a big red sticker with ATI on it

    The revisions? lol or the current?

    the 285 GTX has been seen to get 30% increase over the 4870 lol he wants a 285 let him grab 1, its a good card:D
  9. L1qu1d said:
    The revisions? lol or the current?

    the 285 GTX has been seen to get 30% increase over the 4870 lol he wants a 285 let him grab 1, its a good card:D

    Yup, the 285 is not just a run of the mill increase. While some upgrades haven't really seemed to be that big of a deal, I am selling my GTX260's in favor of two of these.
  10. A driver issue is probably not manufacturer specific. It's probably fixable without buying a new card.

    If you want a new card, go with the brand that will give the best support. Probably EVGA, but the other name brands do well also.
  11. I just thought, maybe you have already asked here in the graphics card section, maybe not. If you go to the VGA section you will find that there are many learned people here that may be able to help you.

    This assumes that you have already used driver sweeper etc. and are still perplexed. Maybe you just got a bad card, but there are steps to take before determining that.

    I just realized that you did post in VGA. So where are the experts?

    Step up.
  12. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814143168

    Though 1 person said that they don't overclock which is weird since I'm pushing 745:S

    Well thats luck of the game I guess!!!
  13. Good job addressing his situation.
  14. his question is Which brand of gtx 285 should I get. I answer. If his question was, I want to get my card to work, I would answer differently.

    He just wanted to know the best brand, so i gave him a site with, price, brand and user reviews;)
  15. OP, could you possibly include your full specs and history of changes? I suspect more responses would come from it. Maybe not.
  16. I was in your situation till about 6:00 this morning when I finally placed an order for the EVGA 285 vanilla.

    It was atleast 10 bucks more than the XFX vanilla but I decided that I would be much relaxed during the 90 day step up period. I wont have to kick myself when a new card comes out lets say a week after I got my 285.

    Like how they say it. Protect your investment. So what the hell.

    XFX was my first choice since it was cheaper. Vanilla, XXX, and Black.

    EVGA's OC cards are way too expensive. Then again there are tools that help you OC though you might not reach those of the SSC editions but still its a 285.

    So for me the decision maker was the Step Up Program and evga's lifetime warranty. With XFX you are stuck with the card. Worst case scenario, just bought a kick ass card and another comes out which is close to that price range but better. Regrets.

    Maybe it only applies to me, but Im not that loaded so adding an extra 10 for a step up program is worth it. Well if I ever get to use it. Atleast its there.

    If you have the cash though, and dont worry about how often you spend it, XFX EVGA BFG either way. BFG slightly OC theres. EVGA has superb OC cards. SSC too expensive though. XFX ..well its XFX tight card. Nice designs..XFX itself sounds super strong lol..
  17. Well, I think im just going to go with a GTX 295. EVGA just released a Voltage tuner, and it dosent work for GTX 285.

    People are getting high clocks out of it with a GTX 280/295. :D
  18. how can it work for the 280 and 295 and not the 285? lol That makes no sense:S but w.e good luck! :D

    I personally wouldn't tamper with the video card voltages especially with a 600$ card lol. Plus if something goes wrong. Hopefully we'll see more programs like these coming out soon:)

    Till I see review sites doing it on my card, I'm not going to risk it:D
  19. voltage tuner.. do you mean EVGA Precision?
  20. I guess the voltage tuner isn't compatible with 55nm yet. Here is the link check it out.


    For now the 280 is going to be better than the GTX 285.
  21. EVGA cards are still under lifetime warranty if you use this. So, I'm sure there is still some limits on what you can do.
  22. they announced teh 260 and 285s in a later release:) this should be interesting:)
  23. BFG, EVGA and XFX all are Nvidia reference cards. some may be clocked and locked higher and have different stickers on the identical plastic shroud. Warranties and step up programs are comparable but EVGA is easily the most accessible if you have problems either through their forums or call their 800 number (and yes you get to speak to someone you can understand what they are saying!). i have BFG cards but if i was concerned at all with support issues, i would have bought EVGA.
  24. Just go for Gigabyte! I bought this GTX 285 card before 5 days and i am so satisfied. Also XFX is a good choise.
  25. I wouldn't grab any card other than bfg evga or XFX. Each have special things that make them a good choice.

    XFX, BFG or EVGA lol Most ppl would stick to these.
  26. yeah..GIGABYTE would be a top choice for motherboards but it stays there. tight budget gamers should go with those with the step up programs.
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