External Hard drive dead?

when i plug my external hard drive in, the light will come on, but it does not show up in my computer. ive tried in other computers and even with a different cord. i am currently in iraq so i dont know if it over heated? but is there anything i can do for it without losing all of my data? i have a 500g iomega external hard drive
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  1. some more information on what else is wrong. i can find the drive under devices and printers. when i click on it, it says unavailable for some of the information. is my hard drive and all the information lost?
  2. OK, here is something you can try:
    Press WinKey+R assuming you have Windows 7
    Type diskmgmt.msc
    Click OK
    Right click on the partition for the external drive
    Change Drive Letters and Paths (or something like that)
    Click Change
    Give it a letter
    Click OK
    Close it all
    And if not, you have a death on your hands!
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