Stock DBX_B or ECO Coolit a.l.c.?

Hello i just purchased the i7 980x processor. i have a new ECO Coolit a.l.c. cpu cooler but i am unsure if the ECO Coolit a.l.c. is better than the i7 980x stock DBX-B heatsink. Please give your opinion on this and/or a link to any reviews with a benchmark of the two cooling options. noise level is not an issue the better cooling option is what i want to use.

Thanks :hello:
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  1. The ECO will do a better job than the stock cooler.
    Put dual fans on it and it will do even better.
  2. thanks i installed the eco with the stock fan but it seem to be running hot room temp is 19c and idle 49c to 63c cpu temp with core temp are you sure it is better than the dbx-b or is the eco not working? how can i tell if it is working?
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