Use SSD as readyboost or cache ... instead of storage

Hello,I'd like to use an SSD as readyboost or cache ... instead of storage. It would be a lot faster than a USB. Can I do this? Has anyone done this? Does it effect (affect?) performance?
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  1. Good god why would you spend 200 dollars for a readyboost drive?
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    The best way to get the most out of an SSD is to use it in place of an ordinary disk drive and install the OS onto it along with whatever applications you can fit.
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  3. I thought readyboost did nothing for computers with 2gb of ram so I don't see an advantage
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  5. And like a million other places this question is asked, everyone spews opinion instead of a straight answer to the actual question. There are plenty of reasons to use readyboost even with >2GB ram. It's also not always feasible/affordable to get an SSD that is large enough to house the entire boot image w/ apps, games included. Manual separation between SSD and HDD is not very granular and extremely labor intensive and tedious to keep accurately maintained. Readyboost/superfetch already do this automatically (keep counts and patterns on file access), so the idea is to utilize that and get the best of both worlds from SSD and Readyboost. Get it now?
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  6. use the ssd as readyboost and temp folder if you still have your os on hdd. as i did so cause i have one 30gb ssd. (i didn't found a better use for it anyways.) it is beneficial and you do see an improvement in performance. somewhat like an hybrid drive performance.
    in my setup i use the30gb ssd as cache and download location for windows and bitcomet. my os is now installed on an separate ssd so i don't stress out my primary ssd.
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