X6 1055t cooling?

What kind of cooling can I look for for under $40? I am looking at the cogage true spirit,
What kind of overclock would I be looking at stably, and is their better cooling in that price range? Also what is the optimum core clock for a 1055t? And what kind of cooling would I be looking at to attain it. What sort of performance increase would I see in cpu intensive programs? Will my seagate barracuda, 4gb of ddr3 1600, and my 5770 bottleneck my cpus performance in say, a cad program? Thanks!
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  1. Also, is their any sort of overclock that I could attain with the stock cooler? How stable would that be?
  2. I'm looking for a cooler myself for this chip.
    I picked it up a couple days ago and using the auto tune function on my mb i reached 3.25GHz with the stock cooler. Temps were running about 45C. You can overclock this bad boy easy with the stock cooler so that it is equal to the 1090t @ stock.
    I can't help you out with the bottleneck question though.
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