Noticible difference between SSDs?

As stated in some similar threads, I am getting super confused about SSD benchmarks and reviews and how they all seem to be saying different things. My budget for an SSD is about $180 max, and thats pushing it. If I could get one for $160 that would be much better.

So my questions is: Condering I'm using it as a boot/OS drive for a gaming rig, will I notice any real difference Between say...the Kingston V 64gb and the Kingston V+ 64gb? Or perhaps the OCZ Vertex 2 50gb and the OCZ Vertex LE 50gb?

If the only difference is benchmarks but casual use is about the same then I will go for the best price. Please provide input, thanks
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  1. You are correct... Outside of benchmarks, you will not notice a difference between the models.

    I would go with the OCZ Vertex 2 or OCZ Agility 2 50GB SSD drive myself, if I couldn't afford a bigger drive like the Intel X25-M 80GB or the 100/120GB versions of the two OCZ drives.
  2. ^+1 Agree! OCZ over Kington! Vertex 2 over LE.

    Intel if have $$.
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