Which type of heat sinks are better

I am choosing between two ATi 5850 cards, same brand, just different style of heat sinks and wondering which one is more efficient.


please voice your opinions/facts
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  1. I like the 1st one since it will get the hot air out of your case instead of just heating the inside of your case as it cools the gpu.
  2. definitely the first one
  3. I see, just wasn't sure if one is more reliable, and I saw one has copper/brass for sure since you can actually see it and the other may just be aluminum so it may pull heat off the gpu better, wish I could see idle and load temps for the two cards >.<
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    In benchmarks I've seen, rev. 2 (the bottom one) actually runs cooler, and quieter even maybe. They do put air in your case, so if you did get Rev. 2, you need great case airflow. I'm also not sure rev. 2 has voltage control if you're interested in overclocking.

    EDIT: Oh, here ya go:
    Take this with a grain of salt, these are 5770's but it's the same style coolers.
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