Missing ram i think, help me please

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More about missing think please
  1. You're not missing RAM.
  2. GhislainG said:
    You're not missing RAM.

    it doesn't appear when everest home makes a report but when i click "start" right click "my computer"
    and click properties it shows only 1 gb.
    whats up with that?
    also my computer will be on, but the moment i start wow on my computer i have enough time to type T_T before my computer restarts.
  3. Can you clearly explain what your issue is and provide details about your System, RAM, video card, OS, etc?
  4. sure sorry i have p4 3gig 1.5 ram 128mb radeon card i have moved all to a smaller system now as i tried to ormat and re install but got rolling restarts that even wouldn't let me install.
    the 3 gig had winxp but now i am using 1.8 athlon that i have never had probs ever before.
    is it a pentium thing?
  5. It still isn't clear to me. You're trying to describe an issue in as few words and keystrokes as you can, but that doesn't help us. Provide more detailed info, use punctuation and make your text easy to read. If I interpret what you wrote, you switched systems, but how? Just the hard disk?
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