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Windows XP event viewer shows a lot of errors


I have a new Toshiba laptop C655-S1532 but the person that uses it tells me that a lot of the applications crash, internet is very slow, printing fails randomly, etc.

Attached are some of the screen shoots from the event viewer.

Ran a chkdsk but it didn't find any errors.

Does this sounds like a HW problem?

Thanks and help is greatly appreciated.

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    It could be a memory problem. I would test it with Memtest86.

    If it passes the memory test then you may have an infection.
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  3. Was it the memory?
  4. No, it was mainly the way the network printers were set up.

    When you add the via the wizard everytime you want to print a document from any application it takes about a minute and a half to respond.

    Had to add them via their TCP/IP port address.
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