Pentium 4 520 2.8/1/800

Quick question guys, i need to buy a new motherboard to use with this processor. Will any chipsets like the 680i or p45, p35, x38, etc support this processor or will i need to stick with intel's such as Q963, 945P, 915G, etc etc
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  1. Most likely Intel. Why would you want to upgrade to a P4 anyway? Thats what most people are updating from today.
  2. Gads dude, if you are buying a new motherboard, buy something modern, throw that old P4 in the trash can.
  3. 6xx nvidia series and p35 are old.

    tbh get a phenom II and corresponding motherboard if you want to upgrade.
  4. lol i wasnt upgrading, i was just finding an old motherboard to get this up and running for other uses.

    I have an i7 etc etc
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