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Hello everyone I have a new system and have a question if I should switch to intel. I was thinking a p45 chipset and a q8200 or q9400? My current set up is biostar 128 790 gx. x phII x720be, 4gb ddr2 800 . saph- 4830, xp pro I know it only uses 3.5gb ram technically. and I wd blk drive 500gb with 32mb cache. Problem is my encoding of movies I still get the same times as i did with my previous x2 5000 blk and only 2 g\b of ram do you think I will see anymore difference with the intels?
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  1. If you want to really see a difference in encoding you need a Intel i7. If it is out of your budget keep what you got.

    The problem you are probably experiencing is the software you use. If the software is made to run a single core a quad core wont help you at all. If the software is multi threaded a guad will help, but the best encoding CPU is the i7 series.

    If you tell me what you use and what you want to encode I could run a test for you on my i7.
  2. You won't see a difference between AMD and Intel until you switch to i7.

    And there maybe a problem there, you shouldnt be getting the same times as a x2 5000 and 2gb RAM...
  3. You should not be experiencing that, the 720BE should NOT be giving you the same performance as a x5000, i mean just look at the stats it comes with 6mb of cache and and an extra core as well as better architecture,your issue might be related to the software you use,if you are using a software that does not take full advantage of the three cores and cache then you won't see a change,however under normal circumstances your phenom ll should be able to leave the x5000 in the dust. You won't see much of an improvement with the Q8200 you would have to go with the Q9 series and even then the improvement would marginal at best other than the 720BE your only other otpions would be the phenom ll 940 or the i7 but besides those two your 720 BE should be able to serve your needs fine i really don't think the problem is hardware though.
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