I need help with a problem... Please

My PC use to run the memory in dual channel mode.. I was looking at the post and it say single channel mode. I have switch the sticks around different variations still single channel mode. My memory is apacer pc-6400.. 800mhz but cpuz says it's 400mhz.. Maybe my board is messed up. My bios is up to date and I'm at a loss on this one.. Any Idea's????
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More about problem please
  1. I had that problem too, got a asus m3a79t deluxe mb, the solution should be in the over clocking settings.. You need to change the speed of the memory manually, and set so that the motherboard uses the dual channel feature..
  2. Go to the BIOS and search for the memory options. Usually called "Ganged Mode" then enalbe it and then it will be fixed
  3. I fixed it.. I had a bad stick of ram.. thanks
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