Error msg: "Fail to enable HDCP" -- Why?

When I try to play any Blu-Ray DVD using CyberLink PowerDVD v7.3 Ultra (latest updates, latest patches, full Hi-Def/Blu-Ray support, SR Number DVD081201-7), I receive the following error message from PowerDVD:

Fail to enable HDCP. Please switch to analog output (VGA, D-Sub) and try again.
- (Error Code = 0107)

Please run the BD/HD Advisor tool for more information.

So I ran the "BD/HD Advisor tool", and it reported everything was fine except for one item: The Video Connection Type was given as: "Digital (without HDCP)".

But that's not supposed to be true! My monitor does support HDCP when connected with a DVI cable (as I have it connected). No other program has given me this error message. In fact, CyberLink PowerDVD never gave me that message until I installed the latest patches (as it flat-out demanded that I do whether I wanted to or not).

Also, I don't have an analog cable to try it that way.

Here are my relevant configuration details:

Mobo: Intel DQ35MP / Intel Dual-Core E8400 @ 3 Ghz / 4GB Corsair RAM
OS: Windows XP Pro SP3
Video card (substituting for on-board graphics): NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 245BW(Digital) connected via DVI cable.

The Samsung 245BW digital monitor DOES support HDCP. See: Samsung 245BW Quick Guide and: Full Specs

My questions:

(1) So why am I getting those reports that say that HDCP is not enabled?

(2) What can I do about it?

(3) Is there any other way to determine if those reports from the Cyberlink apps are simply bogus? (for example, a third-party test to see if HDCP is enabled and working after all)?

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  1. I run blue ray and HD-DVD with cyberlink PowerDVD... It runs just fine.

    Can you display your BD/HD advisor results. Jut do cut and paste. I may be able tell you how to fix your issues.

    Cyberlink Advisor is correct. Cyberlink is compliant to HDCP requirements so it checks for compliance on all HW & SW.
  2. leon2006 said:
    I run blue ray and HD-DVD with cyberlink PowerDVD... It runs just fine.

    Can you display your BD/HD advisor results. Jut do cut and paste. I may be able tell you how to fix your issues.

    Cyberlink Advisor is correct. Cyberlink is compliant to HDCP requirements so it checks for compliance on all HW & SW.

    Thanks for your reply. leon2006!

    I also received a reply (during the weekend - wow!) from Cyberlink after sending them the same problem report and info and all they could think of is that I might need to update my graphics card driver. But I had already updated everything in sight, from BD player firmware, system BIOS, all system drivers, Samsung monitor software, and NVIDIA drivers.

    Here is the Advisor report you asked for:

    Check Item BD Ready? Info
    CPU : Intel Pentium III Xeon processor Yes
    __dwItemID=1001__ : szLibCPUName = Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @
    __dwItemID=1002__ : dwLibClockRate = 2994
    __dwItemID=1003__ : dwLibFamily = 6, dwLibModel=23, dwLibStepping=6
    __dwItemID=1004__ : dwLibNumPhysicalProc = 2, dwLibNumCorePerPackage=2,
    __dwItemID=1005__ : dwLibCorePerPackage = 2, dwLibTotalLogicals=2
    __dwItemID=1006__ : szWMIName=Intel Pentium III Xeon processor
    __dwItemID=1007__ : szWMIManufacturer=GenuineIntel
    __dwItemID=1008__ : dwWMIMaxClockSpeed=2989
    __dwItemID=1009__ : bBatteryExist=0
    __dwItemID=1010__ : szGuess=
    CPU (Hardware acceleration) : NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS Yes
    System Memory : 2048 MB Yes
    Operating System : Windows XP Service Pack 3 Yes
    Graphics Card : NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS Yes
    __dwItemID=1301__ : Adapter Compatibility: NVIDIA
    __dwItemID=1302__ : VideoProcessor: GeForce 8400 GS
    Graphics card video memory : 512 MB
    Graphics Card Driver : Yes
    __dwItemID=1501__ : 2D Driver=
    __dwItemID=1502__ : COPP=Yes
    __dwItemID=1503__ : RGBOverlay=Yes
    __dwItemID=1504__ : DEVICE=N/A
    __dwItemID=1601__ : Driver 0:
    __dwItemID=1602__ : LITE-ON BD B LH-2B1S
    __dwItemID=1603__ : eHCMDrvType=0x002c67c7
    __dwItemID=1604__ : CDRom=1 DVDRom=1 BDRom=1 HDDVDRom=0
    __dwItemID=1611__ : Driver 1:
    __dwItemID=1612__ : [Q:] ELBY CLONEDRIVE
    __dwItemID=1613__ : eHCMDrvType=0x00040fc7
    __dwItemID=1614__ : CDRom=1 DVDRom=1 BDRom=1 HDDVDRom=0
    __dwItemID=1621__ : Driver 2:
    __dwItemID=1622__ : [R:] PIONEER DVR-113NP
    __dwItemID=1623__ : eHCMDrvType=0x00006fc7
    __dwItemID=1624__ : CDRom=1 DVDRom=1 BDRom=0 HDDVDRom=0
    Blu-ray Disc Drive : LITE-ON BD B LH-2B1S Yes
    Software Player : PowerDVD 7.3.4617a.0 Yes
    Video Connection Type : Digital (without HDCP)
    Program version : 2.0.0609.0
    System language : 0409 ENU English English
    Time : Sun Feb 08 04:49:10 2009
    Computer : Desktop

    Note, however, that Cyberlink warns that the Advisor report may well contain incorrect information (note, for example, that it wildly misreports my CPU). That's why I wondered if there was some other software tool to check if HDCP is actually enabled and there's some bug in the Cyberlink software when working under my configuration.

    Thanks again for your time and assistance.
  3. Have you tried your connection through HDMI? My connection from PC to Monitor is
    - DVI-HDMI(Converter) to HDMI Interface (Monitor/TV).

    You need DVI to HDMI converter to connect your PC to your Monitor. You have to use the HDMI interface of your Monitor.

    Monitor HDCP verificaiton is done through HDMI Interface. I don't have an experience with DVI as i use HDMI connector of my display.

    If the above dont fix your problem read the information below.... It will fix your problem.

    Is it correct to assume that you are using the powerdvd that came with your LITE-ON Blue-Ray Drive? I was on the same situation before. I started with PowerDVD that came with my LG drive.

    Your version of software is outdated. It does not recognize your Samsung Display as HDCP compliant. You need an update from Cyberlink Tech Support not from Webpage download.

    It will be fixed you just need to be patient.... Cyberlink tech support will take some back and fort email communication.

    Observation from my experience:
    1) Cyberlink is behind and thats include the web-page option. What you get from the webpage is also outdated. Downloading from Cyberlink webpage won't fix your problem.

    2) To fix your problem you need to send an email to cyberlink technical support. They will ask you for your system information. Then they will send a patch to enable your player.

    3) To test your System try any Blue Ray from SONY/Columbia pictures (i.e. Spider Man 3). Sony is paranoid in piracy control and their movies are a PAIN to run. If you get it to run you can play all Blue ray disc. Thats a good indicator that your system is good. Some Blue ray disc will run but Sony's disc require full compliance.

    Hope this help
  4. Cyberlink Tech Support will test your patience....

    Another option to try is to use an older version of the driver. Check the information on their webpage.

    One i was starting everything failed the advisor...

    Power DVD did not recognize my Video Card, The video driver, and the optical drive.

    I was one of the earlya adaptor of 8800GT and new HW.... The software is behind.
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