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I am looking to upgrade the hdd in my gateway e6300. I am wondering what the highest the board will support is. The gateway site leads me to believe that 250gb is the highest. (or maybe the highest they shipped in it?) Any suggestions on what hard drive is compatible or suggestions for a hard drive will be greatly appreciated. (They must be at staples and less than $100 for some crazy reasons)

Thank You
Alex Dillon
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    According to my very quick Google search the Gateway E6300 takes SATA disk drives. There shouldn't be any limitation on disk size, other than that you probably won't be able boot from a drive if it's larger than 2TB.

    There are some potential limitations with older software - for example on large drives the original version of XP can't access space beyond the 137GB mark (fixed in SP1). But from a hardware point of view there shouldn't be any issues.
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