Larger faster new ssd vs 3 raid 0 older ssds

I have a new ocz vertex 240 gb and I am currently running 3 80 gb intel ssd raid 0 on the motherboard controller. I have had a few near misses lately and decided to purchase the larger ssd to replace them so that I can back them up easily. (the usual backup suspects don't make disk imaging raid arrays esay). But I bench marked the 240 gb raid array vs the ocz vertex and they write about the same but the read speeds are 50% slower (500mb/s vs 250 for larger files). Boot time seems similar. Do you think I should use the raid 0 array or go with the single ssd solution?
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  1. for those that need data
    3x intel 80 ocz vertex 240

    read seq 500 217
    read 512 289 205
    read 4k 20 16.4
    read 4k qd32 60 67
    write seq 154 137
    write 512k 132 127
    write 4k 37 11.4
    write 4k qd32 74 34
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