Adware startnow help me to remove this adware its really u..

how to I get rid of StartNow tool bar...I'm not sure where I picked it up, but I tried uninstalling it without success.
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  1. hi, brandy_69.

    you can easily remove it from the Add/remove programs (or disable the Firefox Plugin - you can see how to do it here and then change the start page.
    StartNow installs only on Firefox and Internet Explorer, and changes the start pages there and in Chrome (but doesn't install the toolbar on the latter. Which means that if you are using only Google Chrome, then there is nothing to uninstall - just change back the start page).
    our products come bundled with other software, but still we expect our publishers to display disclosure screens during the installation process. So if you weren't given the possibility to opt out from installing our product, send me the link (you will find our contact form on the site I've posted above) and we will investigate the publisher.

    hope that helps and thank you in advance for your help.
  2. Fix it by going to the “Firefox” tab up at the top left, clicking “add-ons,” then the “extensions” tab. The “Startnow toolbar” should be there.Disable it, and then click remove
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