Why wont my cant my dvd player read dvds but it can read cds?

Hello, my dvd player can read cd's but not dvd's. When I browse it says there is no disk when there is. The driver says its up to date in my device settings. Can anyone help me out?
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  1. Are you sure you have a DVD player not a CD ?
    Remove all discs and go to My Computer, does it say CD-R or DVD-R ?
  2. My Computer says I have a Cd Drive D: and a CD-RW Drive E: is there away for me to Play or upload a Personal Video that I own that is on a DVD-R and is not Copyrighted because it is my Wedding when I insert the disk into a Dvd player in my living room i can watch it all day long no problems but when I insert it into my Desk top it says no Disk ????

  3. You need to swap one of those drives for a DVD drive thats the only way. You may also need some software to allow you to play the DVD on your PC depending on the version of windows. Usually you get some bundled software when you get the drive but like I say you will need the drive first.
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