When we OC which temps do we look at? (H50 and i7 920 Temperatures)

Hey guys,

As stated in the title, when we generally speak of good idling and loading temps do we refer to the bios read temps which is the CPU temp? Or do we look at CORE temps?

The reason why I am asking is, I was concerned over my H50's temperatures. I have an i7 920 at STOCK. The 4 CORES are all in the 40-45 degrees celsius whereas my bios and CPU temperature reads ~32 degrees celsius, using HWmonitor at IDLE.

Are my temperatures reasonable with a Corsair H50? My setup is push/pull exhaust in an Antec 900.

Thx in advance.
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  1. It's normal for the i7 920 to idle at around 40°C with the H50. Download Prime 95 and check your temperatures then, (while running Prime 95).
  2. The hottest core is ~72 degrees and the CPU temp is ~60 after running prime95 after .

    But back to my question, when we and reviewers talk about temperatures, do they average the core temperatures or just look at the cpu temp as stated in the bios.
  3. They use programs normally, like Real Temp and Core Temp. You don't really average the Core Temps out, the core temperatures don't vary much, around 5°C at most unless you mounted your cooler lopsidedly. Normally they just take the hottest core temperature they have.
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