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Hey guys I recently ordered an SSD and am waiting for it to get to me. Now I have a question as how my setup should actually look like.

I'll have 1 SSD and 1 500GB hard drive.

I'll be loading my OS onto the SSD along with most of my main programs(It's only 64gb big, I'll need Visual Basics and other IDE's)

For my storage drive of 500gb, would it be worth it getting another one and setting it up in raid0 if I were only to store media, games, and documents in it. I know I'll get an increase performance in the games but not that much right? I'm also scared if it were to fail so I was thinking of getting anohter 160 or 320 2.5 inch drive that I could have inside for my really important documents/projects just in case 1 of the drives in raid0 fail.

Or would it be better to set it up in raid1 with just 500gb?

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  1. Do not use raid 0 unless you like playing Russian Roulette.

    Raid1 will slow down you system a bit as it had to copy to both drives, but will give you some peace of mind knowing you have a second drive you can swap to.
  2. I wouldn't raid 0 it. If you are going to get 1 more HD, get an external one & use it for backup. As long as you backup your important stuff frequently (maybe at least weekly, depending on how important it is).
  3. I should add that Raid 1 is not really a back up option, it's more for disaster recovery when you get a drive failure. People tend to misinterpet the uses of RAID.

    For back up purposes, either burn some DVDs/Blue Ray disks, or get an external drive and run backup software of manual file copy.
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