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I have EP45-UD3LR Mobo, with a Gigabyte G-Power Pro 2 CPU cooler. I'm gettting ready to purchase new RAM so I can OC my Q9650 CPU higher than 3.2 Ghz. (I'm running cheap DDR2/800 Mhz) but this particular CPU cooler cuts it very close to installing a RAM cooling fan or any ram that is large such as the Corsair Dominator or OCZ Reaper. Does anyone know of any RAM cooling fan that would fit with this configuration or if the larger DDR2 RAM will fit without contacting the CPU cooler? I'm willing to go without a RAM cooler and just getting the standard size RAM with heat sinks but I was looking to keep things cooler all around while I experiment with overclocking. If I have to I will switch the CPU fan to the Zalman 9900 but this fan is working great and I dont want to have to spend that extra money.
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  1. This is a modified CoolIt Systems RamFan (pardon the awful pics) with a transplanted, better quality PWM fan; you can see how it sits at an angle away from the CPU cooler:

    The problem is finding one; perhaps Craigs or Ebay - I got mine @ Xoxide, but they appear to be gone; the only listing I saw was:
    but it's the new style, which is not tilted...
  2. I will look for something similar that would work great just angled a bit forward in my case. I have a feeling I'll just end up getting a Zalman 9900 if their aren't to many of the angled versions left and installing the other on a friends computer...Thanks for the pics and info!!
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