HP Pavillion M9451 Hard disc compatibility

I am trying to add a 1TB SATA hard drive to eventually replace the 500Gb SATA drive.
The drive is recognised at startup, and when I delve into Control panel> System> Device manager but Vista 64 does not recognise it. I have even installed it instead of the existing (second) 500Gb drive - still no joy...
The 1TB drive is a Western Digital SATA /64MB Cache model WD10EARS
Does it need jumpers?
Is it a compatility issue with the motherboard/ Vista?
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  1. So you're saying that it doesn't show up with a drive letter (ie, "D:" for example) in Explorer?

    It's probably just because you haven't partitioned and formatted the drive. Go into Disk Management (Start -> right-click "Computer" -> Manage") and click on the "Disk Management" link in the left pane. Then find your new drive in the LOWER part of the right pane and right-click on it to partition and format it.
  2. Thanks sminlal.... spot on!
    All working now :pt1cable:
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