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Hi guys . I recently overclocked my P4HT 3.00E to 3.46 GHZ.. Now the CPU temps are around 57 C and i want to know if that is harmful for my computer or not.
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  1. I'm supposing this is the Pentium 4 530 3.0 GHz, if so it should be fine if 57­°C is the max temperature it reaches, otherwise make sure it doesn't go too much past that.
  2. i agree with Lmeow (kawaii!) , you could get some cooling fans or an aftermarket cpu HSF if you want the temp. lower.
  3. well it goes to 69 and above when under load
  4. tested using prime 95
  5. ahmadumair said:
    well it goes to 69 and above when under load

    thats a bit hot, BUT for an old cpu like yours that seems reasonable. anything over 75C however is a concern.
  6. Still the same temps even after reducing speed to 3.27 GHz
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