Sapphire Radeon 4650 slow problem


Got a problem with my 4650 512 gddr3! In all rewievs it scores around 7.200 in 3dmark06. Mine got 4.500 only! Stock clock mem is 600/700. I OC the card to 790 / 855, expecting a huge improvement! BUT i got 4.540!! 40 score more! What is wrong here?

The card seems to work stable and perfect but something limits it from working as it should. Is the pci-express voltage to low or psu to small?

My computer is:

Processor: P4 2.8Ghz /1M /800
Mobo: MSI P965 Neo
Ram: 2gig of XMS2 Corsair @ 800 Mhz
PSU: 350w

voltage on the pcix port is 1.5v

Heelp please!
Thanks in advance
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  1. It`s the P4.
    3D Mark 06 is notorious for it`s use of the CPU to make up part of the score. Slow CPU=low score. Even systems with powerful GPUs` can see poor scores if the CPU is not too great.
  2. meramos said:

    Processor: P4 2.8Ghz /1M /800

    Found your problem
  3. Ah ok thanks. But how will that affect gaming? P4 a bottle neck? Will i see the same low result while playing example cod4 or farcry 2?
  4. Whats basically happening is that your slow P4 can't feed the 4650 data fast enough to let it work as fast as it should. Getting a faster CPU will fix this. You'll be able to play these games, but they to might run a bit slower then they should.
  5. I think if you upgrade to at least a dual core cpu of some sort, you would see a good improvement across the board.
  6. Ok. Will try and see if i can get hold of a used dual core. Thanks to all for responding!
  7. Even check newegg man. If you've got the socket 775 platform and are low on cash, I think they have a dual core celeron on there for like 50 bucks. May not be great, but some overclocking and it'd probably kill your P4.
  8. Just be sure to check that your mobo accepts whatever chip your buying.
  9. I have a phenom 9600 BE @ stock with a 4650 512mb @ stock running windows vista ultimate 64 and 3dmark06 pro 1.1.0 with hotfix and getting an overall score of 4500 as well! Im not sure what to do either.
  10. I changed my mobo to an Asus p5q deluxe with intel chipset! And a intel E5200 dual core 45nm 2.5ghz processor. Now I get 7200 score in 3dmark06!
  11. As I said, the P4 is going to hold that GPU back. If you had a better C2D, you could probably pass 8k. (or overclock the one you have.)

    Not sure what the other guys problem is. It might be the low clock speed of the 9600. (that is only around 2GHz right?) Ram issue or improper settings should also be ruled out.
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